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Commercial Real Estate & Development Videos

Are you marketing a development property? We can help bring your vision to life. With custom graphics and impressive aerial photography and videography, we will help you reach the right audience. Whether you are marketing commercial, retail, a residential development, or raw land, we specialize in delivering a product that will clearly communicate everything that your project has to offer.

Video Options
3-D Maps & Buildings

The best way to show your prospective clients what’s here, and what could be here. With our 3-D maps and buildings, we can show not only what the site has to offer now, but what it could look like when it’s complete. We’ll take your vision and bring it to life like nobody else can.

Maps & Lifestyle Footage

Our custom maps are a great way to tie in the area that is being showcased into your video. The maps can contextualize the neighbourhood and nearby amenities, transportation options, and areas of note. Lifestyle footage accomplishes a similar goal, using footage shot from ground level to really give the viewer a feel for the shops, restaurants and amenities in the area. Maps and lifestyle work very well together to show geography and lifestyle of an area. 

Lot & Info Overlays

These videos use custom graphics to give your viewer a far deeper understanding of the size and shape of the property. It’s a good opportunity to communicate the overall size, frontage and depth, and other relevant information to your audience. 

Custom Graphics

Custom Graphics can be very powerful storytelling tools to give your viewer any kind of message you would like. These are not only very functional, but add a layer of style and elegance to the video. You can use custom graphics to convey possible zoning implications, potential subdividing options, what is in the area (or what could be in the area). Any idea you might want to express - we will help you convey it.

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